Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Alot of corperations make cash from that broken window theory

http://www.sapolicenews.com.au/images/stories/media_releases/2011/October/12-Oct-TRANSIT-trail-bike-ROTATOR.jpgSAPOL is now using trail bikes and mountain bikes to police graffiti, other acts of vandalism and public safety around train lines.

The trail bikes are being used by SAPOL Transit Officers to patrol the rail corridors in areas such as the tunnels in the Lynton and Eden Hills, as well as the rail yards at Dry Creek.

The Mountain bikes are been used by police to patrol Linear Park and areas around the O-Bahn Busway.

The trail bike patrols have been operational for the past two weeks. In that time, SAPOL has seen a reduction of reported graffiti attacks, down from 11 to three reported attacks in Dry Creek.

The average cost of cleaning a major graffiti incident is between $3,000 and $4,000 per carriage.
Transit Police are now using trail bikes to patrol rail lines.

“The use of trail bikes has enabled us to broaden our reach,” said Acting Senior Sergeant Jane Davies.
“We are now able to police places that cars generally can’t access,” she said.
“The bikes have proved a very successful preventative measure to reduce graffiti attacks, allowing us to provide high visibility policing.”
Graffiti is a crime that costs the community millions of dollars each year in painting and removal costs. Whether the target is private or public property, graffiti vandalism affects the entire community. It makes families feel less safe and makes our communities less attractive places to live and visit.
Money allocated to graffiti clean-up is no longer available to other valuable community initiatives and programs.
“Graffiti impacts on decent hardworking people who are left waiting on the platform for a train because it is being cleaned or repaired as a result graffiti or damage” Acting Senior Sergeant Jane Davies said.
“If not removed quickly, graffiti sends out a message that people do not care about their neighbourhood. It also causes the area to look unsafe and people may question their personal safety,” she said.
“If you graffiti anywhere without the owner’s permission it is considered property damage under the law and penalties apply,” she said.
A person who marks graffiti is guilty of an offence. If found guilty, the maximum penalty $2,500 or six months imprisonment
All forms of public transport are now fitted out with high quality CCTV cameras - on board and on the surrounding platforms. This, in combination with the trail bikes and mountain bikes, has boosted SAPOL’s ability to police public transport and public safety around train lines.
“The trail bikes have also enabled us to keep a closer eye on activity around train lines,” Acting Senior Sergeant Jane Davies said.
“Unfortunately there are people in the community who do not understand that train lines are dangerous and should always be approached with caution,” she said.
“You don’t get minor injuries when you are hit by a train. Trains can’t stop quickly, the impact is the equivalent of being hit by 1000 horses and the results are fatal.”
SAPOL will make use of the trail and mountain bikes for the rest of the school holidays and over the summer months.

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