Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mo Useless shit....Were runnuing out of helium RIP Ballons and Donald chipmunk voices

Nobel Prize Winner Warns World: We’re Running Out of Helium

balloonThe United States currently holds around half of the world’s helium supply and we’re selling it, for cheap.
We’ve known this for a while. We started stockpiling the stuff near Amarillo, Texas in 1925, in part for dirigible use, and stepped up reserves in the 1960s as a Cold War asset. In 1996, Congress passed the Helium Privatization Act mandating that the United States sell the gas at artificially low prices to get rid of the stockpile by 2015. This February, the National Research Council published a report estimating that, given increasing consumption, the world may run out of helium in 40 years. That’s bad news given helium’s current applications in science, technology, and party decorations–and possible future applications in fusion energy......Wanna read the rest HURRR

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