Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Such Hype...from part of the plan

A lot of exploring and accessing certain locations is all by luck, one day something could be locked down beyond belief, everyone says its not doable, its too risky etc. Yet you could walk by the next day and the front door has been left ajar and you can waltz right in. If you do strike gold you know you have to be quick to react and have to get on it. You cant be making excuses. You will never know how long this will last. You have to make the most out this type of situation when it arises, and take all that you can from it. Obviously you only come across situations like this by going out and about constantly checking anything and everything, not by sitting at home on a forum, watching your phone for someone to text you the next big thing or by browsing blogs adding locations to your shopping list.

Many situations like this can be handled in a lot of different ways. The way anyone handles this will be different and will be based on how they think or what their goal, or aim is.  My personal goal would be to pro-long the length of time this so called location can be accessed in the same manor, especially if it is easy. This not only means you can enjoy it yourself, but you can share this with others over time. Obviously you have to think who you will want to take or tell. This is as people will have different, I am not saying the wrong incentive, but just different goals to your own. This can lead to a place being made hot or getting sealed. Its a knock on effect of someone knowing, they tell their select few, then that select few tells their selected friends, or co-explorers etc. Quickly 1 person turns into 9. As much as you think you could trust those people you told, somewhere down the line it will be leaked. There will be that one person who wont think about the safe keeping of the information, and therefor everything will be more hurr

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