Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Equality by Acab

back when i had a certain flat in south east, eggs galore got thrown at anyone foolish enough to walk within our sights.
they were some of the best days, getting 30 packs of super battery bred eggs for less than £2, then hiding on the balcony belting them at people, giggling profusely when they inevitably reacted loudly and angrily.
we had some rules at first, but they swiftly boiled down to only 2: no old people, no children.
obviously girls got egged, why wouldn’t they? here’s my stance; it’s 2012, the 60s has happened, womens rights have prevailed and despite the enormous salary divide which still exists, men and women are (so we’re told) on a more equal footing than ever. well, in the UK anyway.
i’m not a sexist, the teachers who always had the greatest impact on me were intelligent and strong women. i would define them as feminists, but in a very positive way. ignore that image of the dumpy dyke in dungarees burning her bra with natural arm pits, they just became the negative poster girls for a very powerful movement, if for no other reason than to undermine the seriousness of the cause.
go check the gorilla girls, they set pace in the art world and its male dominated history. their most infamous poster stating that “less than 5% of the artists in the modern art section (of the MET gallery in NYC) are women, but 85% of the nudes are female”.
chivalry doesn’t necessarily have to be sexist. women who object to having a door held for them or being offered a seat on a busy tube need to check themselves; it’s not a patronizing gesture, it is basic manners which most people extend to both sexes anyway.
the main division which exists between the sexes still is the subject of violence. there’s a strong general consensus that you shouldn’t hit girls. it’s drummed into you from a young age and as you get older the reasons for this are patently clear. domestic violence is one of the most sickening occurences, but even more scarily in some lands it is heavily ingrained in their culture, this notion that a man’s wife if his property and he is free to do with her what he chooses.
ever heard the expression ‘the rule of thumb’? look up its origins. for real.
i have to make generalizations now which i generally try to avoid, but by and large men are physically stronger than women and as such it would not be a fair fight.
yo i said by and large. i know there’s plenty of girls who could fuck me up, i’m not trying to say all women are weaker than men and live under constant tyranny, or that they are helpless individuals who rely on men to protect them. but that if you grabbed a 30 year old man and a 30 year old woman off the street and made them go toe to toe, the man would probably be able to beat her up or leastways subdue her.
it’s not condescending, it’s kinda just a fact. that’s like someone getting the hump if i said men have penises and women have vaginas. there are physical differences between the two sexes; gender is of course a whole other can of worms which at this point can stay sealed.
this is where the controversy may lie.
if women are doing the same job as men, and want to be treated the same way as men, then they have to prepare for the same consequences to befall them.
i would happily fight a female cop. i would smirk as i launched a brick in her face. giggle as i kicked and punched her. why the fuck not?
they are scum, both female and male cops. my loathing lies with them as individuals, for wanting to do their job in the first place. have you ever encountered female police? they are fucking cunts, because they know they can throw their weight around and there’s nothing you can do.
i once got bagged and some cunt WPC tried to get me done for assault on a police officer because as i was fleeing she grabbed my arm and i broke free. her version of events was that i turned around and punched her in the chest. so they want to have their cake and eat it. play the man when it suits them, getting involved in the fracas, but then equally abusing the fact they are women to appear defenseless and to help establish themselves as the victim in the situation.
it’s shameless.
in my life i have never even come close to raising my fist to a woman. it is utterly abhorrent, especially within the privacy of the domestic sphere when the woman is isolated from the outside world. this kind of abuse also extends to mental abuse and manipulation.
but a female cop? why not.
it’s like when people cry over soldiers dying; i don’t give half a fuck. they’re all murderers anyway, they’re doing the job they chose to do and fell foul of the consequences they knew existed.
or when sharon beshenivsky was killed on duty. so what? it was her job. she was a selfish cunt for doing that job when she had a family. if i were her relative i would hate her not mourn for her. and don’t for a second try to justify her choices, there are so many other jobs as shitty as being a cop she could have chosen from, she chose her path. just because you do not expect it to happen, it doesn’t mean it won’t.
these senitments obviously extend to male police and soldiers too, but children have a stronger yearning for their mother than their father when they’re young. for a mother to be able to do such a job is baffling to me, surely they must be severely lacking in maternal instinct.
you won’t catch me in fisticuffs with a female anytime soon, but if the situation dictated i’d headbutt a female cop and not think twice.
for me, a cop is a cop. sex has nothing to do with it.

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