Wednesday, November 9, 2011

GET NICKED DIE TRYING Mad Graff Garys blog

If your sick of ganking styles from flickr or just wanna give your wrist a break from all that redtube
and your still to read shit without pictures(just word mann) and some well written words too i might add, then check out Mad Graff Garys blog its full of the type of shit below...enjoy..

Understand this shit: once you’ve been arrested, you go to the same cell in the same police station and get the same treatment as every other crime statistic in there. you sit in the same seat in the same interview room, give the same no comment answer, get your shit back in the same plastic bag.
it’s a catch 22 though, because until you’ve been arrested a bunch of times you don’t realise it’s actually a minor, but during all those build up arrests you’re still under the illusion it’s the end of the world. it’s the rest here

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